We appreciate the kind words, Billee Jean Ramirez! And we appreciate your positivity and dedication to the league!


After spending over 10 years of my 15 years of playing and another 18 years of volunteering with 5 of my 6 kids played/playing here and now 3 coaching and umpiring…at the end of the day…I take my hats off to everyone that has made/makes this league continue to move forward. Keeping a positive and safe place for our children to play and make lifelong friendships is what makes it all worth the uniform washing, glove finding, cleat shoelace tying, gas for practice/game spending, snack day shopping and smiles on the kids face having for making that play or hitting that ball. Thank you to the board…past and present, coaches, team moms, parents and families for making this all happen. Now let’s make the 2018 season our best season!!! #LetsPlayBall #BaseballSoftballIsTheirWorldAndTheyAreMine

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