Good Morning, …

Good Morning,
I would like to start off by apologizing for the lack of communication in this preseason. However, you may rest assured that you have not missed anything. This weather has fiercely set us back.

PLAYERS May expect to hear from coaches in the coming week. We recommend all players have a glove and cleats (cleats are not required, but highly reccomended) and boys in Minors and up should purchase a protective cup as well.

OPENING DAY Is scheduled for March 25th – rain or shine

CHALLENGER DAY Is scheduled for March 26

PICTURE DAY Is scheduled for April 1st

RULES / SAFETY CLINIC (required for all coaches) April 2nd

VOLUNTEERS The sooner forms are turned in the better. You CANNOT help/participate in any way without one turned in & you being cleared.

FIELD DAYS Will be every Saturday starting at noon, weather permitting. We have a LOT of work ahead of us, please come out and help.

YOU ASKED & we got it! Pre-Sales are going on now for Tahoe Tallac (Dry-Fit) Practice jerseys and fitted caps! Available for $20 each or 2/$35!

If you haven’t done so yet, please folllow us on Facebook it’s updated regularly & gets faster responses than email. As always, you are alway welcome to contact me directly via text as this is the best and fastest way to get answers. If you do not have a facebook, but would like to stay up with things you may: visit our website (link below) or go to the website and be added to our “email list” & everything posted to facebook will be emailed to you directly (assuming I understood it’s capabilities correctly).


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