Long Post. Please read entirely…

🚨 Long Post. Please read entirely 🚨

Dear families & friends of Tahoe Tallac Little League

We hope this email finds you and your family well and weathering this unique time in our lives with loved ones safely near and hope for a healthier, more secure future.

As days turns into weeks and months during the time that we would normally be enjoying the season with our children, the Board would like to communicate our plans for the 2020 season, as of today, in attempt to answer questions we know many of you have on your minds.

As you are aware, this situation is very fluid and changes rapidly. We are making every attempt to have the necessary discussions to gather information and make decisions based on what we know at the time. We will continue to communicate with you as information becomes available to us, and decisions are made by the TTLL Board of Directors.

The status of the 2020 Season of TTLL is as follows:
1️⃣ The 2020 season – including both baseball and softball at all levels, has NOT been cancelled.

2️⃣ All league activities including practice, games and league events, continue to be on hold, per the Governor's order to shelter in place and avoid gatherings of groups.

3️⃣ The current plan is to resume the season commencing around early June and completing around the first week of August, dependent upon the lifting of shelter in place and some semblance of gatherings being permitted that we may operate within safely. We will offer as much of a season as possible if we start later than early June. Our objective remains to offer a baseball or softball season to our community – provided we can do it safely.

4️⃣ Most of our Team Managers have committed to resume coaching their teams when the season commences. Thank you to our amazing group of Managers, Coaches and Team Parents. We cannot express how grateful we are for the continued commitment.

5️⃣ Certain league events will be rescheduled to the summer months as listed below. We hope to offer additional fun summertime events if the season is in process – to be determined and announced later. Certain league events are also cancelled for the 2020 season as listed.
Postponed Events:
– Team Photo Day

– Closing Day

Cancelled Events:
– SF Giants Little League Day
– Sac State Little League Day
– D7 Challenger Day

6️⃣ We have not yet determined the structure of the Volunteer Program once the season resumes. Rest assured that all volunteer checks are being safely held, and records have been meticulously kept of parents who have already completed volunteer service. We will restructure the volunteer program and communicate guidelines if and when play resumes.

7️⃣ Sometime in May, we will forward an "intention to play" survey to each family through your Team Manager. Please watch for communication from your Team Manager in the coming weeks, and answer that survey expeditiously when it arrives.

8️⃣ We do not plan to participate in the District 7 Tournament of Champions or All Star programs as they are currently structured this season. Our objective is to offer the most baseball and softball to as many of our community members as possible when play resumes, and we feel these programs will limit what we could offer to the broader community. We do plan to participate in both programs, as we always do, in the 2021 season.

Could play/practice resume sooner than early June?
We do not have an exact date at this time, but it is possible if the above parameters are met and put into place earlier than June 1. We will communicate as we learn more.

Is it possible that the season will be cancelled entirely?
Yes. We hope that won't happen, but if it becomes necessary given safety, we will forego the remainder of the 2020 season. If it is possible to offer even a drastically shortened summer season, we will do so.

Will refunds be offered?
Until the decision is made to either resume the season or completely cancel the season, we are not able to offer individual refunds based on any circumstance at this time. If the season is ultimately completely cancelled, we will present a refund/donation plan at that time.

Will players "aging out" of Little League in the 2020 season be offered a grandfathered opportunity in the 2020 season?
We understand how immensely difficult it may be to lose the last season of baseball or softball with TTLL. This decision is entirely in the hands of Little League International. We will communicate further once we learn more from the national level, and will do whatever we can to make amends for those graduating players.

Has Little League International provided any additional advisories or communication since March 16th?
No. We have received no further directives, advisories or the like, from TTLl since the March 16th advisory to suspend play until May 11th. As of today, we will suspend play through May 11th per this advisory.

💙❤️ Thank you for the patience and time you spent reading through this detailed information. We hope it answers any questions you have, and provides an understanding of our path forward at this time. Pleases continue to be safe and well in the coming weeks.

Rest assured, baseball and softball WILL return to Tahoe Tallac as soon as safely possible.

Thank you for your continued consideration and understanding. 💙❤️

TTLL Board of Directors

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