Picture Day!


Remind to all:

Picture day is scheduled for April 2.  If you have not picked up your picture package, please do so at the snack bar BEFORE the 2nd.  A few guidelines:

  • Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your team’s picture time.
  • Ensure that each player has their order envelope in hand
  • Have the teams line up shortest to tallest
  • Most importantly, HAVE FUN!  Picture Day is supposed to be FUN!


Team Schedules

Time Station One Station Two
 8:30 AM Red Sox River Cats
 8:45 AM  Nationals Orioles
 9:00 AM  HeartBreakers Novas
 9:15 AM  Royals Angry Unicorns
 9:30 AM  A’s Astros
 9:45 AM  Mariners Braves
 10:00 AM  Rockies Giants
 10:15 AM Pirates Rays
 10:30 AM  Reds Kaos
 10:45 AM  Fearless Marlins

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